-- latest update 2017/11/23 --

We've added a dragon! 

What's a game without a dragon? Initially we were going to add a dog as a pet. But then Roger from the team decided we all need more dragon in our lives and added a dragon instead. The Dragon can be selected at the bottom of the dropdown list of items you can add to the world. Dragons are not friends with BigHeads, so they will fight each other. BigHeads and Dragons also have HPs now so that they will be removed from the world when their HP reaches 0. Have fun training your dragon!

-- Overview and Control --


Curious World is a physics-based sandbox game where you create characters and objects in the world and interact with them. 

  • Character with personalities - outgoing or shy? energetic or lazy? Sociable or prefer to be alone? 
  • Fire! Burn all the things that can burn!
  • Wind - blow characters and objects away, or create a static wind in a fixed position
  • More features coming soon! Leave a comment and let us know what you'd like to see in the game.


  • Camera Movement: W,A,S,D to move camera on the x and z axes. Q,E to move camera on the y axis.
  • F to poke objects
  • P to pause / resume game
  • Esc to disable camera look, so you can use the mouse cursor on UI
  • LMB (left mouse button) to create
  • RMB (right mouse button) to remove

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